A vista is defined as a view or a prospect. And since no two people can occupy the exact same space, each vista carries a unique perspective.

The same applies to vistas in the mind’s eye. Even when one’s frame of thought seems to match that of someone else, it cannot. Life experiences, genetics and who knows how many other variables add color and shading to that frame. Add definition to our individuality.

That said, we three (Honoré, Kathy, Laura) started out as professional colleagues…our like-mindedness became clear early on. Scattered along the East Coast as we are, the online world served as our office building. Soon, we found ourselves meeting there before and after work for a catch-up. Now, we gather for cups of virtual tea and conversation nearly every day.

Whether you favor a 20-oz dollar store mug or a delicate porcelain teacup, we invite you to pull up a comfy chair and join us as we three explore our literal and figurative views of the world.

Welcome to Our TriVista.

Honoré's Spring Tea

Kathy's the lefty

Laura's Easter cup

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