My One Little Word for 2017



My One Little Word for 2016



My One Little Word for 2015


I chose the applicable definitions: worthy or deserving; healthy, well; the proper size and shape for; to adapt, ready, equip, to locate with care. 2015 is the year of being FIT—physically, mentally, spiritually.


My One Little Word for 2014


My word for 2014 “possible” : able to be done :able to happen or exist :having an indicated potential   Synonyms: achievable, attainable, doable, feasible, practicable, realizable, viable, workable




My One Little Word for 2013

My word for 2013. Jeff's artwork!

My word for 2013. Jeff’s artwork!


My One Little Word for 2012

Jan 8, 2012

My One Little Word (check out Ali Brown’s OLW class here) took some sleuthing this year. I knew I wanted to take action in 2012 so I started there but wanted more.  I wanted my one little word to be my theme for 2012 but I still wanted a word. So I have two words for 2012—I did it myyyyyy way!  I used my blank art journal to mind-map synonyms and definitions:

When I came up with ideal word it was a knowing which I wrote about here.

So here’s my one little theme for 2012:

  “Make real”

And my one little word is ‘challenge’. As in a call to a special effort.

Want to share yours?


My One Little Word for 2011

Feb 1, 2011

Instead of making New Year resolutions I have discovered that choosing a theme or a word for the year resonates with me and offers unimagined possibilities and limitless synchronicities. My word for 2010 was ‘release‘ which gently guided me on my journey of caretaking for my mom and through her transition from life to death. Ali Edwards explains, “Essentially the idea is to choose a word (or let it choose you) that has the potential to make an impact on your life.”

This year’s “one little word” came to me after receiving a book from Honoré titled The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brené Brown. Brené writes about “the power of Wholehearted living—a way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness.”



Famous Photographer?

May 24, 2010

My road not taken was photography school in Daytona Beach, I was going to go off and live alone for the first time at the ripe old age of nineteen and become a photo journalist and travel the world taking award winning photos! Life happened: I met Jeff and I didn’t want to leave…we dated for two years and then got married and started our little family.

I opened a business called the Photo Gallery while I was pregnant and worked part time at a camera shop. My mom helped me at the Gallery where we displayed and sold local photographer’s work on commission we were also a referral service for photographers and had a darkroom on site for members to use. It was ahead of it’s time for our community and we ended the business a year later.

When I attempted to make a living with photography my focus shifted and I realized I really did want it as a hobby not a career. It was a creative outlet not my bread and butter. Life got busy and my passion for photography faded over the years although I do have moments of yearning to get my old 35mm camera out and dust it off instead of snapping away with the digital. I’ve always wanted to learn to use a medium format camera but could never justify the expense for a hobby—but shoot who knows where future paths may lead!



May 14, 2010

Our topic this week is life oddities: a funny thing happened on the way to… and my funny thing is about…well elephants.

I read a lot of novels. I get my supply of titles from browsing bookstores, recommendations from other book lovers, and sometimes right off the library bookshelf—as is the case with The Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson. I was between books and decided to glance though the new books at the library. The story grabbed me as soon as I read the inside flap, a young boy, the son of a groom, is given charge of two young elephants that are near death after their journey by ship to England in the early 1700’s. This young man spends his life learning from and about his elephant charges in a period and area where most people had never even seen an elephant. It’s an unusual love story and one that will stay with you long after the final page.

Upon completing this book I was browsing Amazon, for another title, and it mentioned if you enjoyed The Elephant Keeper be sure to read Hannah’s Dream by Diana Hammond. I checked at the library and they had it and it was on the shelf. Coincidence? Maybe. Or more likely a synchronicity?

Merriam-Webster defines coincidence : to occur together apparently without reason.

Synchronicity is a “happen chance” that occurs that is in perfect alignment with your thoughts or ideas. Often mistaken as coincidences, synchronicities are universal nods, confirming that you are on the right track. Synchronicities can also be road signs that help steer you on to the right track if you are feeling confused or lost in some way.

I finished Hannah’s Dream, a modern story of a zoo elephant and her keeper of forty-one years and her solitary life without any other elephants. Oh, but the ending is happy and it’s another unusual love story. At the end of The Elephant Keeper the author mentions an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. Within a few days I was browsing Barnes and Noble and picked up a pet magazine and opened it to an article about Tarra who lives at the same Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN and her best friend, Bella the dog, and how the founder had written a successful children’s book about their unusual friendship.

Later that day I picked up my mom from Elder Care and she had saved me a picture from a magazine: two baby elephants head to head and trunk to trunk.

At the end of the week mom and I were in the foot doctor’s office, where we waited for an hour. The appointment had to be rescheduled because the referral was not handled correctly for the insurance company. In the waiting room was a stack of local magazines Ocala Style and on the cover is Luke the painting elephant! He lives at Two Tails Elephant Ranch which is located about thirty miles from me. The ranch has been here for twenty-five years and been home to hundreds of elephants over the years yet I’ve never heard of it and last year they opened the doors to public tours for the first time. They want to educate the public about elephants in captivity and in the wild and their mission is: “To provide for, learn and teach all about elephants, past, present and future. Our goal is to instill awareness through educational programs on site for schools and professionals in north central Florida.

Do I see a tour in my near future? Absolutely! Perhaps a volunteer opportunity? Possibly! I’ve only met one elephant at Busch Gardens when Brin was little but it didn’t have an impact at the time. I’m not sure why the Universe has put elephants in my path but I’m curious and excited about where these synchronicities may lead. I’ll be sure to share what it is like to meet Luke!

The final synchronicity? I said to Jeff during my week long elephant experience that one of our favorite books Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen would make a great movie; it has the best twist of an ending. And guess what? It is being made into a movie starring the Twilight actor Robert Pattinson. Just sayin’. Coincidence or synchronicity? You decide.


May 9, 2010

Imagine A Mother

by Patricia Lynn Reilly

Imagine a mother who believes she belongs in the world.
A mother who celebrates her own life.
Who is glad to be alive.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her daughters.
A mother who believes in the goodness of her daughters.
Who nurtures their wisdom. Who cultivates their power.

Imagine a mother who celebrates the birth of her sons.
A mother who believes in the goodness of her sons.
Who nurtures their kindness. Who honors their tears.

Imagine a mother who turns toward herself with interest.
A mother who acknowledges her own feelings and thoughts.
Whose capacity to be available to her family deepens as she is available to herself.

Imagine a mother who is aware of her own needs and desires.
A mother who meets them with tenderness and grace.
Who enlists the support of respectful friends and chosen family.

Imagine a mother who lives in harmony with her heart.
A mother who trusts her impulses to expand and contract.
Who knows that everything changes in the fullness of time.

Imagine a mother who embodies her spirituality.
A mother who honors her body as the sacred temple of the spirit of life.

Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself.

Imagine a mother who values the women in her life.
A mother who finds comfort in the company of women.
Who sets aside time to replenish her woman-spirit.

Imagine yourself as this mother.

Imagine a Mother © Patricia Lynn Reilly, M. Div., 2000


Trees & me

April 30, 2010

I lived in a Poinciana tree in our back yard in the Bahamas as a child. I was as agile and at home in the branches as a monkey and would take a book and stay for hours. Trees have spoken to me all my life and I feel I’ve learned so many life lessons from them: stand tall and strong but be flexible; dig your roots deep; drink lots of water; shelter others; give back more than you take; soak in sun and rain in equal measures.

Beware: do not climb!

The only tree that was not my friend was the Poisonwood which gave me a gruesome rash on any part of my body that touched the leaves. When I was seven my girlfriend and I filled the boys fort with Poisonwood leaves so THEY would get the rash—I guess we thought our girl-power would protect us but sadly and quite itchily it didn’t. Beware: don’t touch a Poisonwood tree. This fascinating sample lives outside of Nipper’s on Great Guana Cay.

The People’s Tree

My aunt, Betty Goodfellow, an artist in Oakville, Ontario in Canada helped save her town’s 100 year old oak tree. See page 9 in Arts About Town for an article about my Aunt Betty’s drawing of the Oakville tree. Her talent and dedication have always been an inspiration to me and a print of the People’s Tree proudly hangs in our living room. Drawn with a fine ball point Bic pen—isn’t this amazing!?

Happy Arbor Day, I hope these quotes will inspire you to plant a tree this week.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.
~Chinese Proverb

If I knew I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today. ~Stephen Girard

He who plants a tree
Plants a hope.
~Lucy Larcom, “Plant a Tree”


No Impact Woman

April 23, 2010

I want to have an impact on my health and fitness, as well as reducing my carbon footprint, i.e. to lower my impact on the environment. My solution: biking. My hubby and I bike around town; at one point he was even biking twelve miles round trip to work a few days per week. We pedal to the: library, bank, sub shop, post office, video store, and even the gym. We do have to have good weather, biking in the rain is not so much fun, and we have baskets but have to plan our picks ups (library books) or purchases (grocery store) accordingly. The up side is that it’s fun, something we can do together, and it doesn’t feel like exercise to me because I enjoy the freedom and exhilaration. I spent many happy carefree hours on my bike as a kid and have fond memories of biking.

Our other ‘green’ endeavor was to install solar panels with a combined 130 watt output. On a sunny day this will run the computers, TV, and the rest of our home office for the day. It’s not saving us a significant amount of money on electricity but it’s a small step towards learning how to live sustainably. Our future plans include living a board a trawler and harnessing renewable energy (wind/solar/water)to be 100% self sufficient.

I was inspired by Colin Beavan’s adventure for him and his family to live in NYC without any impact on the planet for one year—no public transportation, no elevators, no plastic, no disposable diapers, no electricity, no toilet paper! I’m ready to commit to one simple item: no paper towels. 😉 You can watch No Impact Man read the book or audio and follow along on Colin’s blog or check out No Impact Project. Are you feeling inspired to make a difference? Maybe you’re ready for a week long carbon cleanse and consumption break!

Happy 40th Anniversary of Earth Day!


My Library

April 16, 2010

Our Public Library System serves Marion County, Florida home to 316,000 people and yet I feel at home at the Ocala branch and think of it as my library. I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for the Library Associate Training Institute in Maryland for four years and have learned to recognize excellent customer service from librarians and library support staff. When I visit my library I always feel welcomed by friendly inviting employees and volunteers who are interested in answering my questions.

I’m thrilled by the technological options they offer and I use my online account sometimes daily to research titles or authors and I enthusiastically support the option to recommend a purchase if a title is not currently in their collection. I order a lot of books! I’m thrifty and purchase copies only after reading. 😉

I’m a lifelong reader and devour a fiction title a week with monthly appetizers of non-fiction. My next volunteer commitment is to share my love of reading with adults who want to learn how to read and volunteering at my library is the perfect way to give back for all I’ve received from books and the librarians who love them—my hat is off to great libraries and librarians who care!


A Plateful of Color

April 9, 2010

I’ve been eating fresh organic fruits and veggies and as many whole foods (unprocessed) as possible and discover I really want a piece of fruit more than a cookie or even, believe it or not, chocolate!

During my two year weight loss journey I’ve learned how to enjoy my food. To see food as my friend and not my enemy.  To savor not only the tastes and smells, but textures and colors. Colorful inviting food helps me to eat more slowly which helps me to eat less at one meal and feel more satisfied by what I ate.

I also enjoy a colorful place setting with brightly patterned plates, place-mat and cloth napkin or

Dining in!

serviette as my mom calls them.

My favorite color is purple but I haven’t discovered many purple foods I want on my plate. 😉

What’s on your plate?


Our April Fool’s Date

April 1, 2010
If you’ve ever seen the 1987 movie Blind Date with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger you can imagine the night I met Jeff Allen on a blind date on April Fool’s Day 1983. My girlfriend was determined that we double date with a friend of her new boyfriend because she wouldn’t go alone!

Jeff arrived in a company work truck because he didn’t own a car (strike one!); his friend had explicitly said, “Oh ya he’s as tall as I am” (six foot plus), ummm the guy at my door was an inch shorter than me (strike two!); my Bahamian potcake mutt, who loved everyone, wouldn’t even go near him but barked and growled while hiding behind me (strike three)!

Yes, I still went on that date and we eventually talked and laughed our way through an evening filled with challenges and deterrents (double dating with crazy friends) to discover yes we wanted to go out again, alone, the next night. We’ve been together ever since—Jeff is my best friend and I adore how he loves me and embraces who I am—we married two years later and started our family. We’ve ‘grown up’ together; though I do pick on him about robbing the cradle. 😉

I never imagined spending twenty-seven years with anyone when I was younger. We have learned so much about each other and us—I am blown away by who we’ve become for each other and I’m buoyed by knowing that I am always home wherever we are together. I envision that our next twenty-seven years will continue to enthrall me, make me laugh even louder, and be filled with unforeseen adventures!

I love you Jeffy Pooh! 😉


My Word

March 18, 2010

My one little word for 2010 is:

re-lease /rɪˈlis/ [ri-lees]

1) to free from anything that restrains, fastens, etc.

2) to allow to be known

3) a freeing or releasing from confinement, obligation, pain, emotional strain, etc.

4) liberation from anything that restrains or fastens.


Crescent Beach

March 3, 2010

Did I mention that the beach is home for me? My soul’s home, my spiritual home, my place of power.


Welcome to my Journaling Page!

March 3, 2010

Before I became a blogger I was hesitant to share my creativity. Since writing for The Virtual Wire and creating my own personal blog Hungry for Life I have discovered the joys of putting myself ‘out there’—the joy of  living an authentic life and being transparent and accountable through my sharing.  The support and encouragement I’ve received from my readers keeps me inspired and connected in ways I had not been able to envision from being a blogger.

Our TriVista is an endeavor to share our three views of the world with minimal words and maximum impact through photos, video, and our creative projects. We’ll each expand on our weekly photo on our individual Journaling pages.

Dear Reader, thank you for taking the time out of your full life to pause and take a peek at our lives. I look forward to connecting with many kindred souls. Big vugs (virtual hugs)!

8 thoughts on “Laura

  1. LOVE this blog! And love how you continue to step out and share yourself. You are amazing, and I love you!!


    • A ~ lovin’ you to the moon and back, thanks for visiting. Thank you for giving me my first opportunity to blog and learn TypePad back in my newbie days on The Virtual Wire. “I’ve come a loooooong way baby!” I’m forever grateful for your belief in me. Vuuuuuuuuugs!

  2. “A blogger” 🙂

    I remember being with you when creating Hungry for Life. Do you realize that was only six months ago? Look at all that has happened since then.

    Congratulations on this new journey. I can’t wait to see what all three of you share with us.

    • Tartz! I am so happy I took the plunge at the What’s Next retreat and created Hungry for Life, and I’m so grateful you and my ‘peeps’ were there to give me the courage to LEAP! That journey has expanded into this new adventure on WordPress and I’m lovin’ it! Vugs to you my friend!

  3. I was glad to hear about this blog today on the phone call. I enjoy your Hungry For Life posts and look forward to more from Laura Laura Allen here.

    Congratulations on your new adventures!

  4. Your plates of food are so gorgeous—yummy. How about beets? They’re a rich purple and the pickled ones are quite tasty…

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