I’ve been reading Mary Oliver’s poetry and because of that I browsed the poetry section and found Danielle Doby’s I Am Her Tribe at the indie bookstore in Port Charlotte. I opened it to read ‘a hymnal to my younger self’ and had to sit down. And read it again. Of course the book went home with me. I still haven’t made it beyond that poem.

I decided to type out the words for more impact than following a link:

a hymnal to my younger self

one day you will awake with the craving for self-discovery.
when this knowing arrives,
and you feel the pull to go out into the world,
my hope for you is that your story begins
on the cool wood of your kitchen floor.
sitting down.
both eyes closed.
one hand on heart.
the other resting on your soft belly.
this connection right here.
is the wisdom of the women before you.
and the tender infinite living within you.
and if there is ever a time you feel lost outside of yourself,
these guiding forces will always bring you back home.
my hope for you
is that you trust the teachings of what brings you discomfort.
that when you feel as if you are at the cusp of breaking open,
out into the wild of the unknown,
you step forward with both feet planted
in your curiosity and wonder.
my hope for you
is that you greet your reflection with kind eyes.
that you never look to someone else for your belonging.
always moving from a space of worthiness,
longing for nothing of addition or subtraction.
my hope for you
is that you never stifle your own power.
may you always carry the belief that your words matter.
unafraid to sing your truth at the tip-top of your lungs.
my hope for you
is that you honor each moment in its entirety.
that you choose your feeling over being numb + disconnected.
owning every curve of life’s light and shadow sensations.
for you understand that in the present moment is where your
happiness is found.
this is my hope for you.

©2018 Danielle Doby

You can also read these empowering words here

Our prompt was to take/choose a photo that was a hymnal to our younger selves.

Here are our vistas in order: Honore, Laura, Kathy.

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