I’m a sucker for a good cover

Believe it or not I reduced my Goodreads Reading Challenge to only 50 books this year. I’ve read 28 so far, and yes that includes four audio books, which my daughter skeptically feels shouldn’t count as ‘reading’, HA. I’m confident I will happily exceed my goal.

There are only a few reads that I gave five stars to and ‘Becoming Mrs. Lewis’ is my fav so far, with ‘Finding Dorothy’ a close second. There are both at heart fascinating love stories of heroes of great literature.

One non fiction, which truly resonated: ‘Waking Up in Winter’ and one, ‘Educated’, which did not. Historical fiction centered around little known women are still my go to genre along with WW2 stories from women’s perspectives and families who survived the holocaust. I read to be moved…to be changed by my experience on the page. You?

Interestingly, ten of these authors I read because I enjoyed their previous books and I wasn’t disappointed but in most cases thought their earlier books were more gripping. Friend me on Goodreads for my stars and reviews: Laura Allen

When I walk through bookstores I admit I am attracted to book covers; I am a sucker for good marketing and art that draws me in for a closer look.  And of course unique catchy titles, I enjoy sleuthing to figure out while reading a book when the author chose that for the title. Unique title award so far: ‘The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip’ wins hands down!

I’d love to hear what you’re reading and if we have any novels in common!

Here’s to turning the page!

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3 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for a good cover

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    This was such a fun post, Laura!

    First, books in common? Well, I actually went ahead and bought “Once Upon a River.” Reading it at this very moment after it sat by my bed since late Fall. Setterfield’s “The Thirteenth Tale” remains one of those titles that gets me lost-in-the-story. “The Clockmaker’s Daughter” is on its way to my car for my ear-reading…had to turn it back in before…overdue at the library. [Yikes.] And, tell Brin it totally does count.

    Second, book cover creation is ART! Period. I worked with a woman whose husband designed book covers for several big publishing houses. She – and I – never stopped complaining about the Sussex County decision to place the library barcodes on the front of the bloody book. Makes…no…sense.

  2. Oh Yeah! There’s a lot time, energy and $$$ that go into coming up with the “perfect” book cover…gotta get a potential buyer/reader’s attention!I think I’m more sold by the title and the genre, subject, and especially the book jacket info, in particular, for non-fiction!

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