begin again…


I’m not sure how many times – at least umpty umpty – I’ve made the feeble attempt to “begin again for the first time,” (borrowing and adapting a long time slogan from Kellogg’s Corn Flakes)…. Well, I did write on my daily to do list, most days: “Post to OTV,” and that’s as far as it got.

So, here it is, the advent of another month – the previous having slipped by with nary a double take on my part; “there’s always tomorrow” I reasoned/justified -except when there isn’t. For the past several days, at least since Saturday, I’ve been focused on revising and revamping how I spend my time – and in particular, how I am telling my story.  This has been a great activity, especially on 95+ degree days…and we are indeed having them… when it’s best to stay inside than venture out!

The items in the photo are perched on my computer station – I cannot sit here and not see/read them anytime I walk into this space – the place where I collect and record  thoughts and  things that I use to tell/document my story and my todays. This past April, many folk around the world joined the #100day project; it will be over in just about another week. I toyed with the idea and decided not. Last month,  I decided to create my own timeline over the summer time to tackle a project – the concept I’m sharing here – to realign my schedule and days so that I spend each day doing what matters most. As I proceed in living and telling the story  of my life, my intent is to share a bit of this one wild and precious life’s story here…

To be continued…



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