Time IS a Human Construct…

…which makes our frequent…infrequent…almost-never entries here just fine. Me? I’ve been in a circular time warp bouncing from work thing to work thing to work thing since February. (Yes, you have heard my whining about this already. Indulgence, please.)

The Sunday visits with The Kiddles provide a bit of realignment, of course.


The Sofie Building…it’s purpose shifts as items are added.

And, my Spring: Studio Yearbook has way more empty pages…weekly and daily…than filled ones. But, I did get my vision cards done. And, they directly connect. And, I love them.


FOCUS: The Female Tribe…front.


FOCUS: The Female Tribe…back.

Then, just as I was about to snap, Jim took me away. Old haunts, old memories…just him and me. Curative. I came back to much the same drama but burn-out was burned out.


Jim’s favorite farm outside Flintstone, MD. After 30+ years, we finally pull over for a shot. And discover a creek and covered bridge in the foreground! Whoa.

Life is good.


Isn’t it?

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One thought on “Time IS a Human Construct…

  1. Ooh! A a rainbow! I so needed this post. It is wonderful and so uplifting! Thanks dearest friend! Love you to the moon and back!

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