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I’ve been playing with and creating pages in my Spring Studio Yearbook and have felt free, playful and unencumbered childlike delight. I struggled with some of the pages when I first began in December and so I used what fit. For Spring I expanded my scope and stretched myself to revisit the Focus page and this time I GOT it; the categories made sense and I saw how they were fluid and could change or shift from week to week. I have always used Post It notes to capture those tasks, to dos, and reminders or brilliant ideas that come when your hands are in dishwater or you’re walking around the block. I get them when my busy brain is occupied somewhere else and my unconscious mind has a moment of uncensored participation and tosses its hat in the ring. Kind of like the old TV antennas that would fade out mid program and another channel would overtake your favorite show. Yeah, that’s my brain when I’m homecaring.

I’ve learned to keep Post Its handy and I use them in stacks. My brilliant idea was to take the tasks on my PostIts and give them a place to live on the Focus page. Now some of them are work related and I’m not putting that much work stuff on my focus page they actually go on my calendar or in my Tah Dah list which is an Excel spreadsheet ( good topic for another post).  It gave me immense pleasure to fill in these to do’s or ideas under appropriate categories. Hi, I’m Laura and I’m addicted to organizing.

I like the visual of seeing how full some categories are and maybe over full; some tasks will move to next week. Work is the least full—I put one or two must do’s or an item I think I may procrastinate and needs to be done this week. I work eagerly for gold stars! And then I pick and choose: what area do I feel like giving my time and attention to right now?

The other page I skipped in Winter was the You page to capture myself in photo or drawing or other media as I am at the beginning of the season. Selfies are so not my thing. But I took one for an online self-discovery course last month, the assignment was ‘eyes of love’ to think about a loved one and I practiced self-love and tapped my phone to capture the moment. Interesting to note almost all of the participant’s photos were filled to the brim with eye love and smiles but our mouths are closed—no big wide grins. Interesting that.

I like creating my pages digitally for other creative projects and I wondered how I could blend that into my Studio Yearbook. I chose a page out of Bella Grace magazine which I adore, the pages are thicker stock and matte not glossy, I ran it through my printer and printed my image (edited in Publisher) directly onto the page. I was thoroughly tickled. It faded it just enough and there’s an appropriate quote on the page so it came together simply and better than I expected. I had already tried printing on a magazine page for my Spring cover which also came out quite visually pleasing. So happy that I ran with this idea!

If you’re keen to play in your own Studio Yearbook find out more at JamieRidlerStudios.ca and watch my video testimonial here (I start at 12:50 BUT Jamie’s video is absolutely worth the watch!)

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3 thoughts on “turn the page

  1. I so love getting this inside view into your experience with your Studio Yearbook. It’s beautiful to see your creativity come to life on the page. I’m delighted that the focus areas suddenly clicked and wow… I am blown away by the printing idea. Creative genius!!

  2. What a cool idea to use “Bella Grace” and digitize it to work with your YEARBOOK! As with you, I’m getting in a groove with this phenomenal tool, too…and plan to share next week as my Apr OTV post…stay tuned.

  3. kmgraybeal on said:

    [Insert fainting goat.] This certainly mentored me in my first Yearbook work, Laura. Thank you.

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