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Go ahead. Try to say it! You say you don’t speak Swedish? Neither do I but I am in love with this word, especially this month for I’ve decreed it as The March to Döstädning. A quick google search presents a wealth of resources and the book: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta  Magnusson, all 224 pages, is a delight to read.

For the past several years, I’ve been on a mission to capture and record my life stories, gathering them in a format that is readily accessible in this digital world. Currently, I’ve a wealth of notes jotted on all sorts papers, my computer and in journals. Plus, years of blog posts, finished scrapbook albums and layouts and many more that aren’t. In 2017, actually beginning Nov 2016, I blogged – posted – daily through 5 January 2018 on my personal blog… 426 entries (and trust me, some days were a stretch!).

During the month of February, despite being down for the count for nearly two weeks, I made a scrapbook layout a day – an annual challenge that I’ve participated in most years since 2011.

So, taking all of this into account – plus my tender young age of being a septuagenarian (I think of myself more as someone in her mid thirties – really?! ), I thought it was high time for me to put on my librarian’s hat and do a little döstädning of all of the memories I’ve accumulated and put them into formats that make sense…

So my first task is to  sort and inventorythe first of 3 wire “IN” baskets that have become “gathering places” for story ideas and attendant memorabilia over the past couple years. As I physically touch these items, I will ask myself at least two questions:

1-What’s the story I want to tell? 2- Who cares?

And if I come up with a reasonable response (in other words, if the story/stuff really matters) then I shall file it in the library: the red box  and make a catalog card to file in the card catalog sitting on top of the library. 

Looking at the clock, it’s getting late and I’ve a concert to attend tonight so, I guess I’ll wrap up this post and move on…


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One thought on “döstädning

  1. I literally discovered that word and THAT book a few weeks ago and was truly intrigued! Can’t wait to hear how your ‘card catalog’ and ‘library’ pan out… love the stories you are telling dear friend♥

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