…and the word is…dance.

Surrounded by “materials” to prep for the new year of purposeful serendipity (it is a real thing…seriously), I was just sort of floating above it all. Not-quite-distinct images…but, there was a sense of calm present. A very good thing. Then in the midst of a Jamie R. listen-to, the words “dance with life” shot straight to my brain. Colors, smells, weather…love…all there…ready to be claimed. So, I did. Especially when I discovered that the word dance carries such varied meanings and interpretations; meanings and interpretations that slid in right next to my intentions/core values beautifully.

Then, Jeff went to work. And, yes, he made the wood-art dance.

file (2)

Look how that grain runs like a river!

file-1 (2)

I especially love that this beauty is imperfectly perfect…just like me.

As Honore said, we have more than one/kept words this year too. Amity, empathy, peace. All three needed dance…and I need to remember to…

file-2 (3)

Can you believe the parentheses? Feels like a whisper in the ear, doesn’t it?




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4 thoughts on “…and the word is…dance.

  1. He really doesn’t see how talented he is at his art<3 Thanks for reminding him!

  2. I loved hearing how your word danced right into your life and moved you.

  3. Glad you like your words Kathy. They are actually made from a leftover piece of wood from the sailboat that had no place to go in the resto. May they bring you years of light and inspiration. Jeff & Laura (Whose not really the boss of me) (Oh yes I am!)

  4. I love this post and please forgive me dear one for such a late reply. Mea Culpa! I wondered how I skipped this and realize, I was in the throes of the flu, then! I am smitten too with the “practice” in parens…brilliant Jeff!

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