mindful moments…


A friend gave me this box of sticky notes and tabs for my birthday. In addition to the contents being lovely to look at, the stickies are colorful, gentle invitations and reminders to take mindful moments throughout the day – to appreciate all the moments that bring comfort and beauty to my days. Sometimes revealed as:

  • a favorite classical or great standard song currently being aired;
  • a poem or  Haiku;
  • sunrise and sunset;
  • a photo of my great grand nephews;
  • a text from a friend;
  • a string of words in a book I’m reading;
  • the taste of my first sip of tea in the morning;
  • a memory of a gathering with friends…
  • an email from my two coauthors of this blog …and the list goes on…

Here’s an invitation and an easy way to make note of a mindful moment in your day – you will need a blank calendar (download one from the internet with just the month/days and dates, something like this will work) and at the end of the day, take a moment to note and write one thing that brought comfort, beauty, peace  to the day. You could write a sentence or two or a Haiku or just a word…or draw a flower or write in a color ink…anything that captures that simple, easy, mindful moment.



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One thought on “mindful moments…

  1. Love this invitation…those tabs and notes are the PERFECT tool for mindfulness!

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