Funny thing happened…

…on my way to planning my planning for 2018. Sit down, friends, it’s a long read.

So, I signed on with Cathy Z’s Fit class. Third year in a row. Didn’t get passed February first two rides around the carousel. But, hey, third time is a charm, right? I opted back into Ali’s One Little Word…skipped last year. It felt as if the uber-introspective exercises just weren’t positive for me anymore.*

Choosing the word does provide a touchstone for me though. This year, I’d been leaning toward care. Seemed to fit the work in various focus areas of mine. Plus, I’m still holding empathy, amity + peace close this year. Of course, I greatly enjoy reading the definitions + synonyms associated with my word, as do the other two Word People here. Well, the first two definitions found centered on worries, anxieties, troubles and concerns. Whoa, right? Let’s just set that aside, shall we?


The blizzard came…and afforded me an excellent opportunity to Be Still. To empty my mind. A rarity! Late last night, I remembered seeing “vision cards” mentioned in one of Jamie Ridler’s messages.


Early this morning with this serene landscape, I started driving through unread Jamie emails before listening to the last Fall Journal Club session. I didn’t get to it. I heard her say the phrase “…dance with life…” and was struck. That’s it. That is it! DANCE! 

And, dear ones, the definitions + synonyms hit every hope and dream target for the year. Every…one! So, as Pooh says…

pooh 2

Looks like next thing will be a conversation with my brother-from-another-mother to get some word art, doesn’t it? I’ll be thinking, Jeff.

*NOTE: I did connect with Mike Dooley of Thoughts Become Things fame in 2017. And while I draw much from his – and the Universe’s –  thinking, not so much in this context. But, his approach may work for you. Check him out.

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2 thoughts on “Funny thing happened…

  1. OH Kathy, all the moods of dance and dancing from grunge to ballroom… all the lightness of being captured in that magical word. Ahhhhh. ♥

  2. Shall we dance? Shall we dance! I so look forward to a year of “dance!” Make me feel light, airy, ready to get up and dance…I especially like dancin’ down grocery store aisles…tbc!

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