a snowy day …


The sun is attempting to break thru on this, day 4 of the new year –  a gusty, snowy day; for sure, a PJ day… Norman dawdles, not eager to go out to shovel the 1 inch or so of snow.  Songs sung by old time favorites, such as Tony Bennet, Ella Fitzgerald, add to the ambience… I’ve just finished watching Shimelle’s latest Journal Your Christmas video. I have enjoyed watching her pull together her December 2017 JYC album…not much of mine, well, none has been done but that’s OK…I have the memories from blog posts and journal entries, photos I took over the days of Nov/Dec. Soon, as soon as I get my wits together and a handle on my 2018 goals and plans , I’ll schedule a week or so to bring it all together.

It is this time of the year that we each select a word – or more – to be a guiding companion throughout the year. Last year, I chose three – practicecompletepeace; and upon reflecting, I decided to continue with them plus add a fourth: mindful/mindfulness. The word called to me: I feel that I, we all, need to pause more, to be in the moment.

As I think, journal, reflect on my days’ plans, practices and gratitudes, I anticipate mindfulness will play a big part in my ability to practicecomplete…be at peace.

My family and I are forever grateful that our Dolly and Baby Elias were able to be home for Christmas. Both mom and baby continue to get better each day!

Have you chosen a guiding word for 2018?



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