Handmade art is H’art! From the maker’s hands to the loved one’s heart. Jeff wanted to make Kathy a special surprise gift for her support of his woodworking. After our summer get-together in Delaware I told him she was a Lord of the Rings fan and Hobbit lover extraordinaire. He got to percolating and designing and worked on this organic creation for the last few months. Be sure to scroll down to the final coat rack unveiling pix. Priceless! ♥♥♥

We love ya KMG! ♥♥♥

He added glow in the dark powder to the glue so it soaks up light and illuminates in a dark room, lol!

2017-11-11 16.37.23IMG_1401

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One thought on “H’art

  1. Luv! Luv! Luv! KMG’s face! Beautiful work there, Jeff! You are a pro!

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