The Big Step

It feels like weddings are all around me at the moment. From various planning stages to actual events, they pull me to a place of great joy and excitement. Our niece, Jenna, married her beau, Webb, yesterday. It was marked by love for these children, each other and the blending of yet two more families.


Plus before conducting interviews last Friday, Christina gave me her wedding invite. All things books. Enjoy identifying the library ephemera. I smile every time I look at them.


For us, I never doubted that Jim and I were destined to be together in this life and the next once we moved in together. Yet, I had no real desire to wed. But under weird pressure from my mother…she still can’t identify where that came from…we thought “Oh well…why not?” And the day after our wedding, we both felt changed. Not something directly identifiable…just different. Perhaps that declaration to The Universe rings some chime there that resonates back to us?

I sort of picture us walking side-by-side into the future before, then, walking toward it hand-in-hand after. As Cate Blancett said “Marriage is a risk…a great and glorious risk…embark on the adventure.”

Last, Jenna and Kasey, her sister/our other niece, wanted the love at the wedding to be all inclusive. So, they set up a table acknowledging the presence of those who were only able to attend in spirit. Words can’t really capture that, can they? Yes, Jonny-Man is there front and center. Sweet girls.


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2 thoughts on “The Big Step

  1. LOVE the all inclusive love and display of photos! ❤ And what perfect ephemera invitations!

  2. What a delightful wedding and way to start a new journey. Thanks for sharing…lovely.

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