Lookey, lookey!

Three weeks ago Brin took us to AutoMax to look at cars because our good ole van finally stopped running for good. Brin had car shopped about a month before but never found a car she loved. Well she did that day and drove home in a Nissan Rogue!

We test drove and looked at two Escape’s but the choices were only black, white, and silver and none of them had the combined features we wanted. Our salesman Ernesto had put us all at ease with his easy going manner and sense of humor. In the inside showroom Brin looked around and wondered out loud, how do you get a car out to test drive it? And Ernie didn’t miss a beat—through the roof (I swear she glanced up!) He promised he’d be in touch (I am anti car dealers and salesman but AutoMax was a whole new experience).

He emailed me on Friday and Brin stopped by after work to see it and send us photos. We were there Saturday morning and drove it home a few hours later. This is our new 2016 Ford Escape Titanium in the color called ‘sunset’.  Roadtrip!






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4 thoughts on “Lookey, lookey!

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    How fabulous! 1) Brin strikes again! Woo-hoo! 2) Ernesto could show a few library people I know tips on customer service…and he’s a car salesman, no less. 3) there is no way in heaven that you and Jeff should be in a black, white or silver car. You behind the wheel?
    You’re wearing that thing like a hibiscus behind your ear. Congratulations and ENJOY! New cars are a good thing.

  2. K ~ I just love this about you: “You’re wearing that thing like a hibiscus behind your ear.”

  3. Be prepared for Monique to ask you to take her driving!!! So she can keep practicing!!! In your new “hibiscus behind your ear” auto!! Love you! HI Kathy!!!

  4. ♥♥♥ Me and MoMo will be DRIVIN’ fools! 😉

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