less than five…

IMG_0281months til Christmas!

That’s right: in less than 150 days (as of this writing, 30 July)  it will be Christmas Day 2017. T’is hard to believe, I know. As I was contemplating what I wanted to write for this week’s post, for some reason, this story popped in my mind :

My oldest grand niece, Dolly – who is now 31, was about 12. T’was a few days before Christmas. Perhaps even Christmas Eve Day (my favorite day to shop – love being among the crowds and listening to the music, wandering through the  mall, , people watching…a throwback to my childhood when we did practically everything  from getting/decorating our tree to buying presents to being super excited to… )  But, to return to my story: we were shopping at Nordstrom and they were gifting customers with reindeer antler headbands. Dolly got one. I got one. I promptly put mine on…Dolly, being twelve was appalled. So uncool. Such an embarrassment. Really Aunt Honore´! 

Well, yes. And why not! I didn’t see anything at all wrong with it. So I kept my antlers on and we walked the Mall to the food court – or maybe it was some kids’ jewelry store. All the way, people – mostly adults – would stop me,  ask where I got the antlers and high-tail it to Nordstrom to get one/some for themselves. Dolly took this all in and decided well, maybe it wasn’t so uncool after all to wear reindeer antlers…

And you know, she’s right! I always wear some and have occasionally been known to adorn a red nose, too!


Wonder if she’d be game for that? Hah!

Would you?


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3 thoughts on “less than five…

  1. PS. What is even more interesting is I am wearing lipstick! I haven’t worn lipstick in nearly 20 years!

  2. Rudolph looks GOOD on you, lol! And THAT sweater! And, YES always in my customer service rolls (and at school) I would wear a Santa or elf hat, or bells, I love being festive, the headbands give me a headache but I’m still game. (I even wore Walgreen’s ‘red nose’ the past couple of years in Spring.) When I was twelve though? In a mall? Never. Would Dolly now?
    When Brin was growing up we always got our ‘free’ tree on Christmas Eve and decorated it, wrapped gifts, ate dinner and then unwrapped because I worked Christmas Day so my staff could have it off. LOVE Christmas Eve but not the mall/crowds that’s too much for me, lol.

  3. LOL! I’ll have to ask Dolly if she’d wear a red nose! Probably not! So you wrapped/unwrapped all on the same night. Funny! So nice of you to work Christmas Day…but I’m not surprised…t’is your DNA!

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