Fifer’s Customer Appreciation Day…

…aka their Peach Ice Cream Day. A 37-year tradition, Fifer’s will be filling cone after cone with this perfect taste of summer all day on August 12th. Festivities abound…from bluegrass music to hay rides to buying way-too-many pies to take home. For those of us who grew up around farms and farming, these are the beginning celebrations of bounty, of hard work made tangible and of a gear change into the full harvest season. So, it just makes sense to eat homemade fruit-filled ice cream, doesn’t it?


Don’t you love the tree in the background?

peach ice cream

The stands are set up all around. 


The Peach Queens

miss jackie

Miss Jackie tells stories and reads every year. Yep, former Children’s Librarian at Dover Public Library.

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One thought on “Fifer’s Customer Appreciation Day…

  1. Looks like lotsa yummy good fun… I think my pref would be the peach pie with a dollop of va-nil-la on top…The TREE is too cool! Wonder how old it is. Stay cool!

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