ice cream i scream!


(eating raspberry ice cream, I think)

In my mid twenties, I had major surgery. I think that I was concerned about gaining excessive weight so  I sortof trekked down an anorexic  path, eating only Baskin Robbins (BR) lemon custard ice cream…that went on for several weeks until my mother decided enough was enough – I truly did lose a lot of weight – and short of force feeding me, took me to a cafeteria every night for several weeks running. The food was excellent and my appetite returned, i.e., I resumed eating sensibly and ate more than lemon custard ice cream. All of this to introduce our topic for this week: National Peach Ice Cream Day!

I am not a devotee of peach ice cream tho’ I drink a lot of peach flavored tea and lemonade in the spring and summer seasons. Nor do I eat BR lemon custard ice cream any more…I’m not sure when I last had… (hmmm. Note to Self: Go to  BR.) After I binged out on lemon custard, I discovered raspberry ice cream and enjoyed that for a while…


(frozen yogurt from IKEA)

These days, one can always find, 8 out of 7 days a week,  ice cream (plain ol’ va-nil-la) in the freezer; I might have a scoop once a month, if that often. But when I really feel like ice cream, I go  to IKEA and have a va-nil-la frozen yogurt! My favorite! YUM!

How ’bout you? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


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2 thoughts on “ice cream i scream!

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    How did I not know this? Knew about the surgery…not the rest. I love your mom even more.

    • Probably you didn’t know ’cause the subject never came up…I hadn’t recalled either until I started writing the blog post. Yep, my mom didn’t nag—she just took action!

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