Manifesto for manifesting

For July Ali, over at One Little Word, invited us to dig deep and create manifesto cards that resonated with our word. We were free to watch her video tutorial or interpret however we envisioned.  I wanted to create my cards digitally and I wanted a simple, calming design.  I am usually drawn to a riot of color and moving parts and I wanted my cards to be reflection more than waving me into action.

I played with several sizes and levels of fades on the photos. I used a flower background for three cards and a bowl of stones is the background for ‘create’.  Then I added a photo of myself (which I usually avoid doing) to each one to connect the word to ME and my daily life. The layered columns of words were part of Ali’s digital package in January and made the perfect overlay.

The words I chose are simple calls to action that I would like to manifest in my life: Care, Renew, Create, Safe. They remind me to keep practicing passionate self-care for my body, mind, and spirit.

I designed the cards to stand upright in an accordion fashion (Jeff helped!) on my desk before they are tucked away in my OLW portfolio.  I enjoyed this prompt and practiced and reflected while creating it; immersed in the process and being surprisingly patient with trying alternate layouts. It is one of the first that I have begun at the beginning of the month instead of the end, lol. Manifesto has come up for me several times recently–one that I enjoyed was this post by Lisa.

My call to action for this nudge by the universe is to begin to collect pieces of art or snippets from my journal to create my own personal mission statement keeping me aimed true north.

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One thought on “Manifesto for manifesting

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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