in the beginning…


For starters, when I first started to work in MD, in the public library, circa 1974, computers were as big as refrigerators and housed in rooms similarly as cold…or freezing. Forty-three years later +/-, as I turn to my iPhone, iPad or iMac do I seldom think back and recall those days…but I do have very vivid memories of when I bought and used my first home computer. A Commodore; to be specific, an Amiga!

I had attended an adult literacy conference in Louisville, KY, early 90s – the  central theme: teaching adults to read using the computer as a tool. I was totally turned on by the possibilities of how this technology could enhance the Adult New Reader’s life … So, when I returned home, I set about finding a computer for my personal  use  – and to write a proposal for grant funding that would enable the library system to set up a computer-assisted literacy instruction center for adults learning to read.

I remember spending many an evening  and nearer the proposal’s due date, complete weekends, closeted in my home office with my Amiga, writing draft after draft… and wearing a Mickey Mouse cap – a friend had brought me from Disney World – as I learned to manipulate the mouse, among other things.

Fast forward, 20 years later, I’m not sure I’d say I am really all that geeky but I do try to stay somewhat abreast of the times – and I do marvel at how things change and continue to do so! Nor do I wear the cap, tho’ as you can see, I still have it…just in case


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One thought on “in the beginning…

  1. LOVE dem EARS! 😉

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