“every sunset is an opportunity to reset”~ Richie Norton

Between July’s being Hot! Hot! Hot! and Wet! Wet! Wet!, I’ve spent more than my share of days in my jammies…hey, why not?! It’s summertime, the livin’ is easy and I am retired. I have also spent an inordinate amount of time over the past few days rethinking my planning tools and habits, especially  the latter. For longer than I care to count, I’ve desired to create the habit of evening journaling…sharing, previously, on this blog that when the sun goes down, so do I.

I am an early morning riser  and when evening rolls around, I can literally feel the energy drain out of me! But, on July 4 this year, I decided to give evening journal writing another try…I didn’t quite make the cut but I created the page in my journal and yesterday – Wednesday 5 July, I  did it! At 8:24 pm, circa sunset, I wrote my first entry! Go Honore´Go!

We probably won’t see sunset this evening, it’s been raining all day…but that’s OK, ’cause I know the time – approximately 8:36 pm. I’ll be ready.

We had a very quiet and fulfilling 4th of July…visit my personal blog where I share more about the day. And how was your holiday?


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3 thoughts on “reset…

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    How’s that coming along now? 7/11/17

  2. Laura Allen on said:

    I like the idea of sunrise and sunset writing… in practice maybe it would help me find my rhythm for sleeping well again. Keep us posted on your progress. 😉

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