What I Did On My Summer Vacation: 8 Days In

Day 1: photo subject for class…look closely.


Day 2: Pinterest…my rabbit hole.

dewey decimate

Day 3: scrapbook challenge…a favorite title.


Day 4: wishing I could build a fort.


Day 5: “The Mummy.”


Day 6: Perfect late June weather.


Day 7: Lancaster trip…first full Girls’ Day Out with Kate, SMC + me. Yep…pano shot while sittin’ in the shade.


Day 8: Low humidity, 75 degrees, cool breeze blowing. This and other signs of love from Jon all day. Including this shot Kate sent from the Lewes Library while Josh and I were at B+N. I donated the Big Bird book from Jon’s library at least 25 years ago. And, here it is actually displayed for her. We have each experienced joy today. Wow.


Of course, the librarian in me wonders why the heck this thing hasn’t been weeded. It’s just plain worn out.

As for Summer with a capital S, looks like this is going to be one to remember, doesn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation: 8 Days In

  1. Well, I for one am happy the book is still there! This post is a delightful read – so filled with all sorts of good vibes…
    Tomorrow, me: a day late and a dollar short…

  2. Summer with a capital S for sure—and us all posting together…bliSS. Love the shots (Andrea, too?): trees, pano, Jon’s love (teary eyed) ♥ Do say MORE about that first photo; I zoomed and can see writing but too blurry, swirly branches make me heart sing. Intrigued.

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