on reading…

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~a day without reading IS a day without sunshine, among other things~ hlf

I do a lot of my reading in the morning, a habit I developed back in the mid ’90s. That  time was the best – and only – time that I had some solitude and quiet time – before the folk in my house awoke or I had to prepare and leave for work. As with much of what we do, what started out for one reason, remains –  becoming a long-standing habit.

Reading is a lifetime activity – started when I was four years old. Over the years – and especially since the mid 90s, I’ve read very little in the way of fiction, preferring to follow the long and deep path of non-fiction. Titles that are in the current genre/subject area that I am exploring, learning about, being inspired by. Currently, these range from drawing to creating mandalas to photography to stitching to…as revealed in the photo

In my stack, there are several titles that I refer to as a “tasting again …for the 1st time,” such as Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before on habits. And I am exploring the creation of a new approach – such as mindfulness, memoir writing,  avoiding procrastination, or a long -standing favorite topic: time management. Some people read romance titles; I read time management books…there’s always a trick or two that appeals…

This summer I am resuming reading fiction – after a rather long hiatus, with perhaps only  a title or two once a year. On my bedside table Louise Penney’s A Fatal Grace – the second mystery in the Inspector Gamache series; it’s delightful and if you haven’t read the series, do! But do start with the first one: Still Life and do read the books in order. There are 12 titles in the series and #13 is being published in August….

I am also reading fiction as audio books; currently The Storied Life of A J Fikry. T’is a gem of a story!

I recall from childhood there were times I’d rather read than play many a summer day…and I did. Adults don’t always have that luxury – work and duty call. But I am happy that my discretionary time is pretty much 24/7…and I can read whatever I want, whenever. Excuse me, a book beckons.


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5 thoughts on “on reading…

  1. A Pretty Lil Book Blog on said:

    This post has reminded me that I’m the other way around from you… I must get around to reading more non-fiction!

  2. I love that you read in the morning; I only ever read in the evening as my unwinding after a full day. As IF I didn’t have enough titles on my to-read-list I’ve copied most of yours into my wishlist for the library. Fikry was indeed a GEM! And here’s another list (I know you’ll thank me!) of all the books mentioned in his story http://cortlandfreelibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/here.pdf
    PS ~ I see you made the photo smaller and I see it on main page now!

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