When worlds collide…

Since our mid-May hoe-down here on the Eastern Shore, I’ve been trying to keep/nurture the thoughtful, reflective practice we enjoyed so much. It ain’t easy. Each morning, I surface from sleep already going over the list of who, what, where for my work day. Yep. Work day. (The how part remains fuzzy though…yuck, yuck.)

But, I’ll keep at it. First, reasonable expectations. I am quite happy with the Week in the Life album that is only-one-photo-mat short of completion.


Add those wonderful Present Moments that Jim supplies so readily. My (Lewes) Beach Babies ~ June 9th @ 11am.


And, of course, always, always find the fun, right? A larger photo of this Wonder Woman may well hurt people.  {grin}


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One thought on “When worlds collide…

  1. I love your WW headband…I want one, too! and oh, to be a little and at the beach…can I come to? CONGRATS – yes, I AM Shouting – on your Week in the Life! Looking forward to seeing it up close and personal…maybe by then I’ll have mine done, too!
    TBc and Cheers~

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