Last evening, as I walked  to a concert, I and another concert attendee started talking about our experiences as youngsters and playing an instrument. I lamented as how I now regretted that I didn’t learn nor practice my piano scales…for I so love the piano…and she nodded her head in agreement -tho’ for a different instrument. When I attend a concert, I almost always think about my childhood behaviors and thank all instrumentalists for  sticking to their practice and practicing…knowing that had they not, I/we would not have lovely music and concerts.

In January, I wrote about my three word choices for 2017 and am still on the course of living them as the year progresses. Practice is one of my three words for 2017. The other two are complete and peace. Over this summer, I am making a concerted effort to rearrange my daily practices – putting more time into practicing the habits of 1) going for an early morning walk around 8:30 am; 2) eating a healthier breakfast; 3) blogging more regularly and frequently, that is to say: sharing my vista with my friends, several times a week.

It is one thing to set a goal or pronounce that by so and so I will have climbed this mountain, rearranged my entire life, stopped or begun thus and so. It is another to develop the habit of taking action, doing those things on a regular basis that result in 6500+ steps a day and a blog post three times a week and a good breakfast that is good for you…These things become practices, habits, a way of life that contribute to my feeling complete and being at peace.


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3 thoughts on “practice…complete…peace

  1. I’m feeling your commitment! Bravo! Healthier breakfast? I always thought your meals were healthy!

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    And there it is!

  3. i do eat a fairly healthy b’fast…just need to add more protein when I have dry cereal—about once a week…

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