Seven Things

Participating in one of Shimelle’s challenges always reconnects me with my scrapbooking. We were to post a layout that we love. Here’s mine.


Seven Things that I love about it? The mismatched lettering feels like watercolor too…the perfect match of paper and photograph…the sweetness of the birds on a restful white plane…the jewel tones of the petals with a gold brad as a carpel (?)…the orange inked edge of the “bird paper”…the asymmetry. But! I do not like that the peacock can look like a giant sea creature. Nope. Focusing on the head.



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2 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. Love this and so happy you shared ! Made me pause and ponder (Shim’s favorite word): Have I ever scrapped a wateogue? Hmmm-don’t think so! TBC…

  2. LOL I didn’t see the ‘suction cups’ until I read your words!
    Gorgeous layout (sea monsters be gone!). You’ve (both) inspired me to look for and find a similar APP for Android and will give it a try. ♥

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