My Day…

…right now: it’s 7:20a and I’m heading out the door! We are off to Dover for the bi-annual DE Library Town Meeting. We = Sue Keefe and myself. She is notoriously early; while she says she will arrive at 7:45a, it just ain’t so.

…right now: the Del State student union is all brushed metals and rust + orange + yellow fabrics. A key card is needed to access the elevator. (Now, that’s handicap accessibility!)   I do love the cavernous meeting room though…strange that this huge space manages to feel welcoming. Tables are decorated with those odds and ends to “engage.” Shades of LATI. And, there is the old DDL gang…Sonja’s face shining my way. So gratifying.

…right now: the idea of overviews of our emerging Statewide Master Plan and the new LSTA 5-Year Plan looked good on paper. Nuff said. Speaking of looking good on paper, while dialogue about the strategy map droned on, I colored a card catalog. How rewarding.


…right now: Secretary of State, Jeff Bullock, stops by. He always makes time. Always. He explains that “those things that were taken off the table” earlier in the budget process, are now back on the table. The technology infrastructure. Damn. Rally the troops once more, I guess. He did remind all that every agency wishes they had our fire and move to action.


…right now: a delightful meal with Sue and Rachel at Olive Garden. Pasta is called for after that event.

…right now: a relaxed drive home…I bring my leftovers and another small treat to Jim. We lounge the early evening away…no Trump news, please. Wind things up with Jeopardy before I head upstairs. Ready myself for part-time library assistant interviews tomorrow (again), shower and settle in to finish my re-read of Caleb Carr’s The Alienist. I recently finished listening to Surrender, New York where Dr. Kreitzer and his methods are referenced throughout the present-day novel. Yes, he was the alienist (read psychiatrist) in the story set at the turn of the last century.


…right now: good-night, dear friends…

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3 thoughts on “My Day…

  1. …and a GREAT GOOD MORNING to you, dear friend. Loved: 1) your coloring the card catalog – what fun – and 2) spending the day – always- with ya! Vicariously is the next best thing. Have another great day, dear one!

  2. Loving these glimpses of your day…community, friends, pasta, and Jeopardy= bliss filled day!
    I can totally ‘see’ you and Jim watching your show 😉 Vugs!

  3. PS ~ Alienist added to my list!

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