My Day, Right Now…




Mornings, I open my journal – currently a Moleskine extra large, dot grid paper and write in the headers: current day of week and date, time of day, temperature and I draw in/color the weather: cloudy; sunny; rain; snow, etc. Today’s entry – no different. And then I write:



6:45 am:     “Ah, the first sip o’ tea. Delicious. Soothing. Calming. Clouds in the morning sky, moving, changing. Some grey, others white. Patches of blue peaking through. Touching base with my senses – the steady hum of the refrigerator, static electricity in the air; sound of my pen as these words glide across the page. I pause to take another sip of tea and feel the warmth not only of the mug in my hand but also, the tea as it travels down my throat…  I made quite a production of setting up the table this morning, preparing tea – Peach Tranquility – in my glass tea pot, seldom used. Warmed by the hot tea, I shed my robe and take a l-o-n-g drink of ice H2O to cool me down a tad. Hot-Cold. Both sensations are a comfort and integral part of my morning solitude and quiet routine, as is making and practicing lettering as I write. My alstroemeria,  a soft , pleasing yellow, perked up over night. I love this flower and the dining room table just seems complete with a bouquet.

I’m not sure today is Thursday – but of course I am. It is Thursday! Where is my bracelet – I must get it in honor of K, L and Terri! NTS: Touch base with Terri and reschedule our too-long overdue lunch date. Before we know it, it’ll be November – our birthday month – again. Two blog posts to write this morning before I leave for an afternoon of stitching with friends – what will I take with me? 

10:30 am…Just finished breakfast: smoothie, hard-boiled egg and a slice of tomato bread, toasted. Stock market news on the tv – Norman’s choice. Screen deck door wide open; a lovely day for the beginning of June. Early morning clouds have moved on. Taking a few minutes to pen this post. Reviewing my notes from this morning’s Morning Solitude and Quiet Time, my favorite time of the day. Has been for twenty-years.

Whenever I stop and try to calculate how long I’ve been greeting each day, I am astonished! Twenty years! Probably twenty-one if I really think hard. It seems strange to me that I did/began this daily practice so easily…and I wonder why my efforts to create a similar one in the evening is so difficult. I have shared on this blog, several – if not many – times, that I am definitely a morning person and when the sun shuts down, so do I. I can literally feel my energy drain. S-W-O-O-S-H! However, it is the start of a new month and for the past two days in May, I’ve managed to write a few closing thoughts for the day. I shall continue the practice, if it results only in a simple sentence or two. Every journey begins with the first step.

Hours later – 7:55 pm. A pleasant afternoon spent with friends. Now,  time to wrap this post up and hit publish! Then, write closing thoughts about today in my journal.


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2 thoughts on “My Day, Right Now…

  1. Your day right now made me SMILE! I’m now in search of my blue bracelet! OTVers blog ON! ❤

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    I bought buckets of those bracelets for our trainings…nobody gets quite as excited about them as you 2…and Terri…and me!

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