Sweeping out some dust…

…some mental dust, that is. Talking (incessantly?) about the current demands on my time doesn’t really capture what that means brain-wise. Those close know. It’s a balance of day-to-day, on-fire and laser-focused stuff. Great stuff, boring stuff, aggravating stuff, lovely stuff. Life. So, on this Sunday of Number One of The Big Three,* I’m getting the dust-bunnies out of the corners by writing here, examining the last 6 months of photos and tagging same in PSE, finishing my Week in the Life album and, of course, remembering those who served. Warm, fuzzy feelings are on the way. (Fuzzy…dust-bunnies…get it?) Who knows…maybe the next post will include text on the pictures!

Enjoy our jungle! The other shots are from the trip Jim and I took to Lancaster last week.

*Around here, the Summer Season is broken down into 3 tourist-filled milestones: Memorial Day – #1, Fourth of July – #2 and Labor Day – #3.

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2 thoughts on “Sweeping out some dust…

  1. Great metaphor! Never saw that Cracker Barrel sign – tho’ I don’t go there very often. I shall be more observant! Are the trees from your neck o’ the woods? Nice pic of Jim!

  2. Answer to my Q about trees: Yep!

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