Show & Tell

I tried to explain this practice unsuccessfully to Honoré and Kathy so I thought we’d have a virtual show and tell (well it speaks for itself actually). This is a sneak peek at my capture my day journal. A journaling mix of glue, fauxbonichi, grid, and tracker. Big thanks to Jamie Ridler for inspiration, guidance, and for sharing her own journals! (And a shout out for the one of a kind experience of Journal Club which has helped me create a journaling practice that fits me and my life!)

I choose a theme for the day, a quote, add the date and weather, and ultimately an image I pick at random and glue in. I discovered if I taped one side of the image I had more room to write beneath it. And in several places its a perfect double image on both sides, a happy accident. The images always surprise me with their applicability to my life. I haven’t doodled that much and am stretching myself in that direction. You may catch a couple of ‘boat butts’: the stern of our sailboat with today’s favorite boat name! I also use a daily circle tracker to give myself a ‘gold star’ for completing an activity I want to incorporate into my morning practice.

Every layout is unique—reflecting life. I write about what I did, accomplished, how I’m feeling from organized to overwhelmed; snippets of daily life. I do miss days, and some days are partly empty—with lots of white space and room for possibility. And others are so full to the brim my writing is smooshed off the page. I go back as I have time and color the letters and borders…because a riot of color makes me smile. This practice has wrapped it’s tendrils around my heart and bloomed.

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3 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. This is SOOOO wonderful and it is SOOO You! It totally resonates with me…just this morning I wrote: “may abandon morning journal (I’m currently using)…finding it hard to read when reviewing, searching, etc…” I need something/a format that’s easier to see…less wordy, etc…so, know that you’ve totally opened up a flood gate of ideas for me to pursue. Thanks dear friend for sharing your journal pages…and for being you!

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    I’m learning more and more about my reluctance to journal. Not a conscious thing. I just find myself wandering off or feeling like this is work. The blank page often seems too demanding of me. Hands on hips saying “So?”

    But you know, Honore and I regularly comment on how my scrap pages start with the photo; hers start with the story. In fact, as I look through my albums,* the most satisfying story-telling has a strong, personal visual link. Walking with you through your journal, a spark is growing. Thank you…

    *no idea why we didn’t go through some of the things! Who would I share these with more than you 2??? Next time.

  3. I love how you have laid out your journal! Beautiful, interesting pages! Thanks for sharing – you inspired me!

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