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Friday 12 May dawned bright and early, greeting us with a lovely sunrise. This Mother’s Day weekend, Laura and I – Honore´- were traveling  to Delaware to spend the weekend with Kathy, our third partner in words

Usually about once a year, in May, we meet for an afternoon. Never long enough! This year, we decided to gather for the weekend. Perfect timing. Laura flew into BWI airport from FL, I picked her up and we headed across the Chesapeake Bay, stopping long enough to fill the tanks: our tummies and the car’s.

We arrived at Kathy’s about 4:30 pm, just in time to meet Kathy’s three grands: Samantha, soon to be 11 years old come August; Ben, just turned 8 a couple months ago; and Sophie, five – going on 50! All three are cuties and t’was good to see them in person.

For dinner, we ordered pizza, salad and I brought champagne – not only to toast us but also because champagne is just so good with pizza! We were joined by Kathy’s husband Jim and son, Josh. After dinner, we watched a bit of TV  – I invariably manage to fall asleep for at least an hour when I watch TV in the evening, great sleeping tonic for me – with or without champagne. I awoke in time to see Real Time with Bill Maher.

Saturday dawned early. Both Kathy, Jim and I are early risers; he left shortly thereafter to go to the gym. Miss Laura, slept in. We three had already decided that Saturday was going to be a jammies day and t’was just as well: it rained. all. day. long. That worked just fine for us…just fine. Throughout the day, we covered lots of territory, catching up, learning about Laura and Jeff’s experiences as new boat owners and the renovation work they are doing; chatting; sharing; loving the time we were having together.

Laura and I participate in Jamie Ridler’s Journal Club – a ten weeks’ on Friday session. I brought journals for all three of us so Kathy could have a taste of the experience, too. Josh, Kathy’s son who had to work on Sat, brought her lovely tulips: pink, purple, and a vivid orange for Mother’s Day.  Dinner was BBQ chicken, salad and red potatoes and another bottle of champagne. I took my obligatory  nap and Missy K went to bed early, also.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, arrived all too soon…Kathy made a card for her daughter; we had breakfast and chatted and dragged out our visit as long as we could. We left about 10:45 am, feeling fulfilled tho’ saddened that our magical time had to come to an end. Parting is such bittersweet sorrow.

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