Clay Play

I played with clay for six weeks. I had a blast! Our class isn’t instructional as in let’s all make X but follow your heart’s desire. Our helpful teachers are there to encourage, guide, and answer questions. I didn’t produce a lot and realized for next session having a plan would be a smart use of my time. I practiced. I showed up, I learned, experimented, followed my bliss, delved into the unknown.

Here they are in order of creation: my first pinch pot where beginners begin to learn to feel the clay; a three inch box with a lid that sorta fits—I love the matte paints best of all but the gloss makes the leaves and inside pop. The plate and the leaf are about six inches across, the leaf was imprinted with a Mahoe leaf from our tree!

The last photo is my next creation which I hope to be well enough this weekend to go and paint. Clay paints change color with heat so what goes on as red brick paint was actually the inside of the box. In my next post I’ll share what my talented classmates created to illustrate the full flow of creativity on tap in clay play!

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2 thoughts on “Clay Play

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    So, does the clay speak to a tactile part of yourself? As a lifelong lover of pottery…it mesmerizes me…I have always pictured creative arcs shooting from the potter’s fingers. Yes, I’ve tried a few times. I still need to work on that obsession I have with symmetry if I am to truly enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Yes K, it grounds me using my hands and digging in. Teaches patience. And not to become attached to the outcome—its about the process. ♥

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