Vision pages

For March Ali at One Little Word invited us to create mini one page vision boards instead of one huge canvas. I’ve been eagerly playing with Glue Journals and had oodles of fun so I was excited about this prompt.

I even tore (gasp!) pages out of my Bella Grace magazine. Choosing only four images was the hardest step!

The words were cut out from a variety of magazines that I’ve saved over time. I laid out the words that called to me—reordered and moved around, added and subtracted, and sat with them for a day. Yep, I walked away and came back later. Who knew it was possible!?

When you’re snipping words and letters from a magazine font, color, background color all impact the look and feel of the words on the page. I found both the layout and gluing portions of this activity meditative and practiced patience struggle-free. I was engrossed in process and not focused on product. The theme of practice leaps from each page in its own unique way. I’m delighted by them.

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4 thoughts on “Vision pages

  1. Kathy Almeida on said:

    love your collage!

  2. Thanks, Kath! ♥

  3. kmgraybeal on said:

    The torn edges adds to the feel/comment, don’t you think. I find peace in where your art is leading, dear one…lead on.

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