Practice makes perfect?

Practice makes perfect? Or does it? For February’s One Little Word Ali invited us to add a practice to our daily routine and track our progress. I was captivated by this activity when she introduced it last year  and have since incorporated a version of it in my daily journaling. So one thing I practiced was combining a fauxbonichi journal and a grid journal (from Jamie Ridler) into my own version of ‘documenting my day’.

I use a single blank page in a sketchbook sized journal I choose a theme for the day, a quote, track the date and a little doodle for the weather, I choose a random image from a magazine (I really love this piece) and if I’m feeling brave I add a doodle—a little self portrait of me with a heart body making art or reading in the sun, often of our sailboat with ‘today’s boat name’ printed on the stern. 😉

I had the brilliant idea of adding my ‘dailies’ here; the things I want to check off my list that I am most likely to SKIP. I started with simple things like walk and drink water…and as I’ve incorporated them fluidly they fall off the list or are replaced. These core activities are currently part of my morning routine:  make my bed; choose two journal cards from my blessing box and say my gratefuls; lay out my ‘faux’ journal page;  walk; H20; homecare; listen to music or audio book; journal; post in my No Excuses Facebook accountability group.

I like the order of lists. I like checking things OFF my list even more. I like the challenge. I like completion. I like giving each item a circle and coloring them in once completed.  This feels inviting and playful to me and in synch with the feel of a fauxbonichi ; colorful, vibrant, authentic. I find this system helps me be more accountable! The main white space of the page I fill with my day—the ups downs ins outs over and unders of a day in the life of Laura.  Sometimes there’s a Eureka!, some days there is tiny cramped frustrated handwriting; others days are the big bold printing of childlike wonder. Some pages are blank. Here are some photo snippets of my dailies with circles colored in or some days not

Beyond my journal here are some highlights of my life with practice as my guide: I practiced Fencing and decided I needed a sport that was gentler on my knees; I am practicing hand thrown pottery and feel brave and happy; I am practicing an evening guided visualization before bed and finding it truly relaxing; I’m practicing patience as boat projects are slowly completed and checked off the list (sometimes faster than new ones are added!); I’m practicing self-care with weekly massages and chiropractic adjustments; I’m practicing writing by showing up to the next page of my novel; I’m practicing creativity and inspiration with a creativity coach and growing and stretching myself with one AHA! moment after another!

The old adage practice makes perfect doesn’t fit my definition of practice but perhaps because my focus isn’t skill based. I’ve discovered through practice that I don’t always improve my expertise—sometimes it’s simply about making an activity a habit. Perfection isn’t reality. Perfection is an expectation I am happy to release into the wild: run free you adorable little impossible expectation you!

Living life is all about practice. Practicing anything and everything! Every sunrise brings another chance to adventure or rest, try things on or let them lie, learn a skill or give up a negative habit. What will you practice today Dear Reader?

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5 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect?

  1. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing the way that you have made these practices your own and what they mean to you!

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    Boy oh boy…the writing PRACTICE is paying off. Your words speak to me. Laura, as they so often do. And, indeed, what will I practice?

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