What’s in a name?

Before Brin was born we had two sets of girl names and two sets of boy names but my intuition told me she was a girl and I knew Kira Lee was perfect. Once she was born I told one of the midwives we had picked Kira and everyone gushed how lovely. I never called her that in our first hours together. I was still in complete shock over being a mom for real. She was born at noon and hospital regulations kept us there until about 5pm.

On our hour long drive home with our lil bundle, in her special white onesie and car seat, I said to Jeff, she doesn’t look like a Kira to me. What do you think? Am I crazy? He is never going to agree that I’m crazy after the last 18 hours and says, what do YOU think we should name her? I think she looks like a Brin which was our second choice: Brin Leah. He had already filled out the birth certificate paperwork and the next day had to drive back to the hospital to change it.  We had chosen both these first and middle names from a favorite series of books fantasy books: The Sword of Shanarra. There was connection and story in our choice.

Brin was four when she took this story to heart and informed us she had changed her name back to Kira. That lasted for a day. Saying, Nah I’m not Kira–I’m Brin. Out of the mouths of babes. I could relate; as a child I did not like my name. At. All. My nickname was Lo Lo and at one point when I was feeling overwhelmed but determined to learn how to ride horses, Lo Lo the Great!  LOL!  I grew into my name after Brin was born and really thought about how and why my parents chose that name for me and what it meant to me. Who is Laura? I continue to discover her.

Jeff and I have always joked with Brin that our boat will be our second child and we’ll call her Kira Lee. When we bought the first sailboat (that shall not be named) we had chosen Sea Quel (sequel) to combine our writing, our journey, and the ocean. But once I saw her and we had our sailing challenge I didn’t think it fit and have since discovered that it’s an overused boat name. We really want her name to be original and meaningful. It’s become a game to name a song, movie, quote, play on words and say to each other what a great boat name!

Some of my first ideas were somber and had great Latin roots: Preamble ‘going before’… Prologue, Foreword.  She’s going to have an electric motor in her instead of diesel to be as green and self-sufficient as possible—solar and wind generated power and so we played with:  Elektra, E-Motion, Lil E, or Lillee, Emagine, Echo (eco), Simply E, Phase Two,  oh and one that made me belly laugh: Conduit which means ‘bring together’ and the play on words is: IConDuIt ( I can do it). Okay, maybe you had to be there. 😉

Then there’s a smattering of music, movies, and books: Close Encounters, Tardis, True Romance, Hope Floats, Still the One, Turn the Page, Air Supply, Emergence, Shanarra, Valinor, Scout, Farscape…(Firefly was our last little boat).

And then a smattering of words that resonate: Be the Change, Logos, Aura, Beacon, Bespoke, Belong, Alleluia, Hygge (hoogah), WayMaker , Bewenched, Storyteller, Positively Yours, True Story, Tru Luv, Story Keeper, Revel, Novella, Literasea, Legasea, Dwell, Life Rocks, Between the Lines, Tale Teller, Keel Life. I could go on for pages. Really.

The image below is not OUR boat but she is the same model and year and our gal is white not pale yellow but this is what she’ll look like under sail!

heeled-1There are no official marine rules for naming your boat, try not to use profanity and long names. If you need to radio your boat name it needs to be easily understood and easy to spell phonetically.  One sailor noted the longer the boat’s name the less likely it was to ever leave the dock, lol! Our boat does not have her name painted on her stern so once we’ve chosen it we’ll paint or adhere it and hold a re naming ceremony when we splash her (in early April?) Celebrating her transformation (and ours!) and rebirth.

I have faith her name will appear with exquisite timing and simply click: that’s it! Until then we play the name game and laugh when we’re silly and try not to say anything insulting while we’re working on her. She is short and wide and rather beamy; okay she has a big butt and that’s an easy target. We invite you to play along with us—what do you think is in a name? How have you named things in your life; from children to artistic creations? Do tell.


From Ali Edwards’s One Little Word 2017

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2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Fun! I enjoyed reading your blog on names. Right now I am not hearing anything but I know without a doubt you guys will come up with the perfect name for her Hugs…
    Ps. Lovely just came into my mind I hear you say that often

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