Clearing & Hygee

My blessing box card yesterday was, “Clearing: Clear the clutter, when in doubt throw it out.”

I’m practicing letting go. Of things specifically. And celebrating that there is less to let go of while aware that excess has built up over the past year. Life is circular. I begin again.

This practice has helped me to see how my emotions and state of mind are tied to my environment. Too much stuff makes me feel uncomfortably full–like I’ve overeaten. Too many books; well that’s simply an impossibility. 😉 Things that are important to me have a home; a space, a place of their own. Belongings belong. A place is implicit. I wonder if they long to be.

This simplicity aligns with the quaint less is more philosophy which may be from my grandparent’s era but I quite like it thank you. Simple is easier. Less fussy and complicated. I’m not sure I have a style for my environment but I’m discovering and curious enough to pay attention to what feels good and right and best. My plan is to carry this feeling-driven-non-style over to the boat as I make it cozy and homey.

Which reminds me–I learned a new word: hygee which describes the simple coziness that is exactly my style!

These simple yet powerful touches to my environment opened my heart and the space around me…


I hung a glasses holder from the boat over my lil art desk; it is repurposed as my blessing cards display.


Keeper treasures gathered on a table next to my writing chair. Candle and fresh flower complete the space.


My 2017 word hanging below last year’s vision board.



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2 thoughts on “Clearing & Hygee

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    As usual, you sorted out those words in my head that needed saying, Laura. Connected to all? Time continues to fly. Lately, I find the de-cluttering also extends to my work place AND persona. It has to or bleeds over into everything else. So, the conference table in my office was piled high; I mean HIGH…a terrible weight for someone who agrees that everything belongs in its place. So a few weeks back, I filled nine 11X14X6 clear, plastic containers with the multicolored folders waiting there. Guess what. Every single one of those files/articles/documents had to do with learning. Every one. And, yes, there were many from our own LATI days and my other Maryland library adventures. Those containers now live under my desk…they are there when/if I can focus just on learning for the Sussex libraries…and they regularly tell me they are where they belong. BTW, we are never including make-up, too many clothes or shoes in these purging discussions; so, we’re okay in alot of ways. 🙂

  2. Bravo for your learning bins! And HA shoes; I think I own four pairs, lol!

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