The heart soars…

I took Friday, Jan 20, 2017 off. The National Day of Mourning. Josh did as well. The TV stayed off…no way we were 1) watching the tragedy 2) adding to the numbers of virtual attendees. We did watch Captain Fantastic first thing in the morning though…Jim picked it up at Redbox the night before. Curiously appropriate to the mood of the day. Then, Jim to Milford and The Kiddles. Josh and I to B+N. A wonderful magazine on mindfulness and Thomas Friedman’s Thanks for Being Late  hopped into my basket…they knew they needed to come home with me. Let’s read the night away.


Then, Saturday, January 21, 2017 came. Since it wouldn’t be smart for me to try and join the Women’s March on Washington in person, I intended to spend the day organizing quick tools to shoot messages to our U.S. elected officials. Starting with demands about the remaining Cabinet positions. Slow going but at least steps forward…steps to help. (FYI, you cannot simply email everybody in Congress. Mostly just your Reps and Senators. Makes sense in this world, I suppose.)

With the live feed on the March’s Facebook page up while doing these tasks, I became so energized with related posts showing bus loads and PLANE loads of concerned citizens on their way to D.C. Wow! Yes, mostly women, but men were well-represented. Jim called me into the living room and there I saw cities around the world already filled with marchers! CRAZY! The rest of the day is the best kind of U.S. history…..and shows why those struggling for freedom around the world look to us for strength. (Sure do wish I could have found Honore in that crowd though.)

Yesterday, my broken heart mended, opened and the light returned. Now, let’s get crackin.’ As Teddy said in 1980,  “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”


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2 thoughts on “The heart soars…

  1. I waved at you! Bet you’d just turned away for a hot second! T’was an absolutely incredible experience and do we ever have our work cut out for us. We shall just grow stronger…each of us. Because indeed we can! Marching on!

  2. Love this Kathy: “my broken heart mended, opened and the light returned”. Keep shining my friend, you’re blazing an important path! Vugs! ❤

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