Practice, Complete, Peace…


Today,  5 January, our first Thursday of the month  in the year 2017. I am just returning home after spending a pleasant afternoon with friends, stitching…friendstitching. Weekly, 4-5 of us meet on Thursdays for an early afternoon snack, not totally healthy : we’ve been known to throw in a scone or sweetie bun or two  – along with the fruit, cheese, crackers and a drink, tea or fruit waters.  We stitch and trade stories, catch up on one another’s lives.

T’is a pleasant way to spend a Thursday and gives each of us the opportunity to practice a stitch: hand applique´ or knitting. Sometimes we are just on the verge of being able to complete a project, or at least some step of it…always, our gatherings, despite what may be going on in our individual lives: illness, being too long in traffic, a flooded basement, afford us the opportunity for an afternoon of camaraderie and peace  ~a  feeling  that carries me through late afternoon rush hour traffic, home.

This year I have chosen three words: practice, complete,  peace  as my companions for 2017. Practice is also Laura’s word and Peace, Kathy’s. I think that pretty  much makes us Complete as we enter into our 8th year of sharing our TriVista.

Thank you for joining us.


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2 thoughts on “Practice, Complete, Peace…

  1. we three peas in a pod 😉 ♥

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    8 years?!?!?! Well, guess it’s time for me to commit to writing more often, isn’t it?

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