looking forward


The sun is setting on this last Thursday of 2016! I have spent the greater bulk of this day thinking and designing plans for the year 2017! Continuing some things; stepping up my active participation and involvement in others; eliminating too many someday maybe items from 2016; catching up – or is that beginning again? – on things started but not quite abandoned; …and being really specific about a) what I can realistically implement and b) what I will do! Tops on my list is the telling of my story: both the yesterdays and the todays. I have quite a storehouse of memories that I want to get written down in an accessible and readable format.

The Christmas holiday season, punctuated by a visit with Laura, seems so long ago…and yet, t’was just 5 days  ago. Since Monday, a lousy cold or some ailment has kept me housebound – perhaps an invitation to slow down? Whatever, it has given me just enough energy to read, think, inquire, research, and appreciate. Perhaps Mother Nature’s way of getting me to take time out, to live in the moment. I don’t at all regret this enforced slowing down; it has, even been a vacation, of sorts. I could get used to this lifestyle very easily…but I won’t.

I hope for peace in 2017, in your life, in mine…






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2 thoughts on “looking forward

  1. Peace, yes! Writing your stories, double yes! Sustainable pace, I’m in!

    New year vugs winging your way ♥

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    Me too! Thinking sustainable pace needs to be applied to much in my life, frankly. I’m sure you don’t agree at all, Honore. Laura, love, your sustainable pace may well kill us. 🙂

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