Twelve days of 2016

Instead of waiting for January I have begun my planning and percolating of ideas and desires for 2017 NOW in these last December days. I participated in both Planning Day and the Journal Sampler with Jamie Ridler and highly recommend the tag team approach of taking them together. I came away with ingenious, useful hands on tools that I am excited to apply in designing my year. The grid journal has been quite the exploration in letting go of perfectionism and allowing space and desires to develop organically.  My word for 2017 came to me last month and so I am creating focus areas with my word in mind.

What are your priorities for these blazing days of glory? How will you see 2016 out with a burst of starshine and moonbeams? I am focused on daily balance; setting my intentions; seeing them through; excellent self care; and exuding childlike wonder and glee for the holiday season. Wheeeee!

I am taking the week off of client work from Christmas Eve eve through Jan 2nd (will wonders never cease?) I plan to connect with loved ones; renew my spirit at the ocean; dive into interior painting on the boat; and read several novels. Kicking off my New Year with total MeTime!

Here’s a visual taken last week when there were a few more pebbles in my gratitude container. I move one pebble each night from left to right and speak a gratitude blessing. LOVE this practice and how it has enlightned my life.  TWELVE days…lets make them COUNT!

pebbles2 pebbles1


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One thought on “Twelve days of 2016

  1. good for you to get a motivated head start. I love the gratitude jars idea

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