the weeks in review ~ dec 1-14

15 December 2016

It doesn’t seem possible that we are now 1/2 into December; that in ten days, it will be Christmas Day. Where has the time gone?

On 1 December, I wrote: I got up at my usual time this morning, this very.cold. morning…only a frigid 28 degrees Fahrenheit…compared to some regions of the country, that reading equates to warm. Top of my list this morning was to post to our blog…I am a tad bit tardy in meeting my own self-imposed deadline/timeline…

As in at least ten years past, both Kathy and I are participating in the annual, December daily Journal Your Christmas documentation of the season. Our intentions are always more perfect than our implementation ~ at least, that’s  how mine are. I think it’s because I have way more on my plate than I can handle. In Colonial Williamsburg, the buffet feast is called a “groaning board.” I groan a lot!


This year, the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was early – December 1. I always try to watch on TV because even though I live in the Nation’s Capital, tickets to this annual event are pretty hard to come by. Besides, one can get up closer via the television…Earlier that afternoon, Laura and I both participated in an online Planning for 2017 event – an excellent use of three hours.

December 2 found me attending an absolutely, incredible musical performance at the University of Maryland paired with a slide show of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series. Music resides in that  part of the brain that is the center of our emotions. I wish I could describe for you how moving the concert was: to see, hear, feel the visual and auditory images was just profound and an experience I shall always treasure. So poignant.

On 3 December, I made an entry in my journal: capture a photo of the holly bush (in the back yard), filled to the brim with bright, red, delicious berries – I guess that’s what the  birds think. I am still working with the mind map I started during the Planning Session.


This day, Sunday 4th, found me busy as a beaver…I was walking on cloud 9 having awakened to a text message from a friend who lives in Oregon; she’s coming to this side of the country for the Women’s March on Washington 21 January.  Listened to holiday music all day long; my spirits buoyant.


December 5 very busy. AM: quilt meeting; a trip to a nearby yarn shop to get yarns and needles for the Peace Project and another concert in the evening…this one featuring University of Maryland jazz bands playing Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie. This is another annual event that always kicks off the holiday season.


I spent the the entire day, 6 December, decorating the living room. The tree is up: white, artificial with built in lighting. I’ve not put on a single ornament…not sure I will. The lights make the tree lovely just as is…

December 7, a quiet day, primarily because my tummy’s been upset. Read and blogged and tapped on Laura’s good graces for assistance in figuring out a problem I was having with another blog I was trying to update.Yay! Laura to the rescue! I went to get some chicken noodle soup and waiting in line, a customer, perhaps in her late 30s called me a young lady. I am old enough to be her grandmother, let alone her mother ! Best joke of the day!


There are three things I most love about Christmas: 1 – the tree; 2 – the music and  3 – the memories. During my childhood, we never got our tree until Dec 24 – so, my first year as an adult, on my own, I waited until Christmas Eve Day to buy the tree – only to awaken to the sound of heavy rains…all day long…and this was in Detroit Michigan, not exactly a tropical paradise… I cried and called my mother (in Toledo) who commiserated with me and made me feel a bit better. These days, we have an artificial tree – not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination –  I don’t have to worry about rain…

Painted in Waterlogue


On Saturday, December 10, I visited my favorite local garden nursery… every year, they create spectacular displays using poinsettias, like this Christmas Tree one. I think it’s absolutely genius the different looks that can be bred with poinsettias…


I started The Peace Project Sunday December 11; sadly the yarn I chose didn’t afford such peace, so I decided to buy a new skein …just keeping the peace…

Monday 12 December was my quilting group’s annual holiday luncheon…truly  a groaning board

After a really busy Monday, I recuperated Tuesday  December 13,  finished decorating the living room and the tree, adding my favorite ornaments, some I’ve had since the mid 70s..


Wednesday 14 December was really special: Laura- from Florida – dearest friend and 1/3 rd of OurTrivista was in the area . We two got to have a quiet and fun time at Barnes & Noble followed by a light supper at Panera. For years, Kathy – the other 1/3 rd of OurTrivista  – and I often met at B&N in December to plan the next year’s training program. Such wonderful memories…

And so, I greet this Thursday, December 15 filled with love and peace for my two friends and knowing that soon May will be here…and perhaps the three of us will be together again.

See you next Thursday 22 December  for the next installment. Stay warm and … Peace!







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