the most wonderful time of the year…


T’is the beginning, the season of the most wonderful time of the year: lights decorate our houses, trees, mantels. Reindeer antlers and red noses decorate our cars and sometimes, some of our noses. Little ones begin making out secret lists and writing letters to Santa. Older ones begin to make list after list after list…and include times for stealing little get-aways from the hustle and bustle of the season, just for some down time.

Since about 2005, I have journaled my Decembers and am continuing to do so, yet again this year. It is fun and informative to compare today’s memories with yesterday’s: what has changed? stayed the same? disappeared? shown up? How have I changed? Or not? What makes the holiday so familiar yet different than when I was a child? A young adult on my own? A grown up? And today:  an older, wiser, more mature family elder? 

Over the next four Thursdays, I’ll share some of the answers to my questions, some of the memories: Yesterday/Today. Watch this space…


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One thought on “the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. I love your meanderings of Christmases at different ages…will definitely amke for fascinating journaling! Vugs!

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