walk on this page

Sometimes Art has a mind of it’s own. Lesson learned with this prompt; ‘collage this page with footprints of photos of where you’ve been‘. I seriously over thunk this one…I wanted an antique world map background and a little trail of footprints from place to place and a timeline. HA! My feet have a few memorable places I’ve been and pix of the loved ones I connected with there. Most of my travel has been about seeing people as much as places. Especially since I work virtually connecting with a fellow VA after several years and even a client for the first time after three years are momentous moments.

I’ve never been ‘across the pond’ but I’m going to Mexico this Thanksgiving by sailboat so I’ll have another country to add to the Bahamas and Canada!

As a kid I wanted to travel the world; especially Africa. I wanted my feet in the long grasses of the savanna, I wanted to live with the elephants. Africa called to me with the rhythm and thrum of blood whooshing through my body.

Today I want Caribbean vistas and sparkling blue water; to swim with dolphins; and idly revel in glorious sunsets. But out there to the east beyond the horizon lives an ocean of possibilities. And. Africa.


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3 thoughts on “walk on this page

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    THIS IS PERFECT! Completely captures that feeling of GO…and your joy that brings. Toes are killer.

  2. What a fun take on the prompt…lucky you to be able to travel the world, virtually too! Vugs!

  3. K I had to take the toes as they were…too cute you love em! I love traveling virtually H….and working Virtually…but soon our first shake down sail may be to MD in May! ;0)

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