journal sampler with jamie

I have jumped joyously into a journal jamboree! In this creative online class: Journal Sampler, Jamie Ridler Studios introduces six different types of journaling. This week we explore creating a Glue Journal. Choosing images and words from magazines (or other sources) cutting, arranging, and pasting onto a journal page. Why? Because it’s oodles of fun–why else!?

It informs. It reveals. It engages.

I chose a hardback novel that’s written in German and the cover is…wait for it…PURPLE! I’ve never been brave enough to repurpose an actual book but the size, color, and words are ideal for a glue journal and I didn’t hesitate.

This activity excites all my senses and tugs at my little-girl-heart with wondrous glee. I’m four saying, “Look! Look at what I made!” Pure. Art.


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3 thoughts on “journal sampler with jamie

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    SO FUN!!! And, you are spot on about what it reveals. This would be a much better approach to a vision board, don’t you think? I, too, altered a book recently. Bet I wouldn’t feel as bad about hiding the story there in my creation if it was written in a language I don’t speak. 🙂

  2. I really like the spread with all the women facing the readers…collage is so much fun…and I thoroughly enjoyed the sampler class, too!

  3. Thanks my friends. German, who would have thunk it K! Fun to do Jamie’s classes with you H! 😉

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