gratitude week

Honoré invited us to play on Michelle’s blog for a week of Gratitude. I’m IN: its my One Little Word!

Today I wrote how grateful I am for having the words and creativity to tell a story. And I worked through some fears that had caused me to tuck a project away and dub it the hibernating bear.

I woke the bear today. I found the gift inside. I put pen to paper and felt the warp and pull of gratitude shifting the earth beneath me. Gratitude can do that. It’s a superpower.

Here’s the doodle I made of the story I’ll tell in a picturebook of me and my mom’s adventure in dementia…



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7 thoughts on “gratitude week

  1. let me say just this…there are tears in my eyes at the tenderness here.
    keep going… xo

    and also, so glad to have you joining Gratitude Week. xo

  2. Gratitude changes us and the world. Stay strong. What you are going through is not easy.

  3. I too believe gratitude is a superpower. And big hugs to you as you journey with your mama. So much love to you.

  4. Bless you friends for your heartfelt comments. My mom’s final year with dementia was filled to the brim with challenges and gifts; she died five years ago.
    My idea for an Alzheimer’s storybook has been blooming and growing over the years. It’s time. It will make her do a happy dance!

  5. i am so excited about your book and I can’t wait!!! to read it. Go Laura Go!

  6. kmgraybeal on said:

    See, poking the bear isn’t always a bad thing. What a gift to know this story is ready to be born, dear one.

  7. I adore having you both as Cheerleaders. 😉

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