…items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.”

Not so sure about that. As most Word People are wont to do, I need context. I want to ask the writer at Dictionary.com to describe their reasoning around “useful” and “important” in this definition.

Ephemera adds shading, color, nuance to our Story. We can see patterns, preferences, quirks, talents there. Again, Story.

When the photo below is found many years in the future, it’s meaning will be unknown…except to those who know my affinity for libraries, for the Ruth Enlow Library and for Ruth Enlow, her father and her sad tale.


After 20 years of saying “we need to go in there,” we made our first trip to the Grantsville Community Museum a few weeks back. There, I met Leo Beachy. Turns out that Leo was a schoolteacher who decided to learn photography so as to provide his students with the “professional photos” afforded children in the big city of Baltimore. I have fallen in love with his work. Think of the time period. Think of the traditional posing and props used in photographs then. Look. Leo created art…his children are animated and alive. As for lasting value in my estate, see library statements above.


Last, I offer my collaged “quilt of ephemera.” Here is the 2nd challenge the Vistas are to complete. How much do I love that not one of us really knows what date we committed to for this project? I’m not sure I remember the 3rd challenge…much less the date. Love to you folks!



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2 thoughts on ““Ephemera…

  1. K, your page (and post) are so eclectically YOU, and I adore this (and you).
    Leo’s photo The Bruise speaks volumes–for an entire bookshelf!
    Sadly I’ve never been to Western MD and have not seen the Ruth Enlow branch. Must remedy, eh?
    And, ahem: check out these dates in my calendar:
    Oct 13 – Patchwork Using Ephemera
    Oct 27 – Create Footprints
    Big love, big vugs!

  2. Ah, Ruth Enlow…I think I need to refresh my memory…love your smashup Missy K…I’m guessing it’s time to refresh our schedule – right! TBC…

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