simply smashing



Honoré gave me my first Smash journal about five years ago and I’ve been smashing keepsakes ever since. Now I use my own smaller journal and really enjoy this practice.


Our prompt in Collage This Journal was to use ephemera from family and friends. So I took photos of my smash journal pages, a few highlights and printed them on cardstock. To give them the effect I wanted I tore each photo instead of trimming with scissors. In the top left the Assistu logo and ‘crabby’ saying were cut from ball caps I no longer used but wanted to keep as keepsakes. Anything can be smashed!.


I smash ticket stubs, pieces of envelopes, cards and gifts, tags from clothes I love, even a cookie wrapper from the Doubletree in Maryland!


I find smashing reminds me of the details; the shimmering slices of life that are often forgotten in the bigger picture.

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4 thoughts on “simply smashing

  1. I hadn’t remembered that I gave you a SMASH journal. Want another one? What fun – love the cookie wrapper from MD! Luv to ya!

  2. What a smashing idea, lol! ♥

  3. kmgraybeal on said:

    Too fun! I hauled my box full of keepsakes to the cabin in hopes that The Kiddles and I could create something. Silly Grammy. This is my weekend project. Be on the lookout!

  4. I’ve got my spyglasses on Missy K!

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