Practicing self-care during a hurricane!

We were blessed to come through the storm unscathed and my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones; their homes—I can’t imagine. I send love. I send peace. I send healing. I pray your community and the Universe hold you close.

We are 80 miles from the east coast of Florida so Friday only delivered tropical storm like conditions near us. I really wasn’t anxious until we watched the media online. Nature can show us who is boss. To divert my angst I made a list of joyful activities and set about taking action.

Friday is Journal Club day and we had power so I joined in the fun of writing prompts to tarot cards The Ringed Circus and The Fool—both reminding me to lighten up and be playful; I created my One Little Word prompt for September; I listened to the audio book The Light Keepers by Abby Geni a haunting story set in the starkly beautiful Farallon Islands.; I colored while I listened; I started a novel I’ve been hoarding since June ‘until the right time’ by one of my favorite authors Beatriz Williams; I napped (yes I actually slept for a couple hours); and we watched a funny movie ‘Paul’ about a small rude green alien that made us belly laugh all the way through.

I considered the joy, pace, rest that make up my days and found I have become more balanced and expressing my gratitude grows that continuity from me to loved ones to the world. My joy page has covers of many of the books I’ve read this year—reading truly is one of my greatest self-care joys. And my rest and pace pages again reflect the ebb and flow of reading at the beach and coloring usually while I listen to an audio book—yup there’s a theme here.

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3 thoughts on “Practicing self-care during a hurricane!

  1. I felt your peace, joy, gratitude for your life as I read your recount of how you cared for yourself while “riding out” that horrific storm. I think you got this…and your 2016 word is rockin’ your life …and ours too. Merci mon ami. Vugs and

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    …yeah…what she said…of course, you lived a grateful life before, you know. You are one of our joys for sure, Missy.

  3. Vuuuugs & mwaaaah ♥♥♥

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