It’s Three-Days-After Thursday

Collage your Perfect View:

  • think it through on Tuesday;
  • gather materials on Wednesday;
  • skip Thursday all together;
  • work on initial layout on Friday;
  • finish my View on Saturday morning;

I am just knocked out by the energy attached to the writings of my dear friends on this project. MSQT explained well, of course, but the words were illustrations, Honore. The Four Sighs? Your words became my world, Laura. All your hard work is really paying off.

For me, this was a completely visual, non-language-connected creation. And, yeah, Laura, trees do that for me too.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Three-Days-After Thursday

  1. Missy K: This is TOO Cool and so Creative! I love the color palette, the HAPPY faces of the Grands and the open windows, inviting us IN to EXLORE further…all sorts of happiness and ideas abound…all sorts. Hmmm….TBC…
    PS. Thanks for the kudos! Ain’t this fun!

  2. Oh, the colors, oh the invitation, Kathy! Lovely. And your process TOTALLY makes me grin. ♥♥♥

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