Sh-h-h, Change is doing it’s thing

Summer…I have always treated it with disdain. Announcing that “this is what I have to go through to get to Autumn.” But a few years back, I noticed how long the lush-green lasted…and how much I liked it.


June 18, 2016.  The Kling House garden.


Then last year, I realized how much I loved the long-lighted days…and, how I was a little sad that the Summer Solstice meant those long days would now shorten. That is so weird. I used to have a personal celebration that the season had now peaked!


Lancaster…8:30pm    Can you see the moon up there?


I imagine this Change is linked somehow to the exponential speed of time that aging brings. Whatever. I intend to relish the parts of Summer that I have come to love…to enjoy the water fun…and head into the air-conditioning as needed. Change is good.


June 5, 2016. An impromptu sprinkler event…no suits? No problem.



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2 thoughts on “Sh-h-h, Change is doing it’s thing

  1. Love the greens. The moon. The shift in perspective. And that ‘little’ jumping for joy is an excellent snap! ♥

  2. Ah, to be young again and jump/run through water sprinklers…no cares in the world. As Laura says, I too love the *change* in perspective. But I do not like the hot, humid weather that summer brings!!!

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